A Rubáiyát library

The Rubáiyát Library Catalogue is a new free online database of editions and translations of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

The catalogue can be used to search for translators, contributors (editors, artists etc.), publishers, as well as language, media type and so on. There is also a range of browsing options. There is no login required.

The contents of the Library database are taken mainly from existing bibliographies and other bibliographic sources. New titles are added regularly and can be browsed under ‘Newly added titles’. As of to date the database contains some 1.500 titles.

One thought on “A Rubáiyát library

  1. I had given up on finding any Khayyam site that is still active (The Omar Khayyam Club is a sad story), but then I noticed the column to the right: 17/08/22, 02/08/22, ….Well, that’s good enough for me. It will have to be, because it’s the only site I’ve found that has anything from 2022.

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