The Rubáiyát from the Bodleian ms.

The new website called Concordances of the Rubáiyát, is a project I have been working on for a couple of years. The website presents the quatrains from the Bodleian manuscript of the Rubáiyát that FitzGerald used for his famous translation. Together with the Persian text, taken from Heron-Allen’s edition of 1898, a number of corresponding translations is listed underneath each quatrain.

You will also find a number of (sortable) tables of corresponding quatrains, based on the tables in studies and publications by Anet (1957), Arberry (1949 and 1952),  Heron-Allen (1898), Thompson (1906) and Tirtha (1941). More tables will follow.
Finally there is a list of translations from a number of authors whose quatrains have a correspondence to the Bodleian manuscript.

Work on the project is still in progress, and I would highly appreciate to receive comments, corrections and suggestions.

4 thoughts on “The Rubáiyát from the Bodleian ms.

    • Barney,
      Thanks for your feedback. It is nice to have a positive response. Can you tell us more in what way exactly this has been helpful to you?

  1. Brilliant and so very helpful to have the Persian which of course was your intention to give source material. You might wish to consider romanizing the Persian in spite of pitfalls encountered in such a process.

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